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Jill Goodman Consulting specializes in fundraising, brand assessment, and strategic direction for young, small, or emerging non-profit organizations helping them to harness the combination of smart methodology, creativity, and compelling messaging that is essential to stand out from the competition.



Jill has more than 20 years of experience developing, executing, and growing core fundraising programs to forward the mission of young, small, or emerging non-profit organizations. With the ultimate goal of providing exceptional, solution-oriented results, she will collaborate with non-profit staff and leadership to identify and navigate barriers to success and goals; develop a plan to move forward; and, work with internal project managers as implementation moves forward.




Jill's leadership and development consulting experience spans every organizational size, from health initiatives like the Movember Foundation (known for its yearly international awareness campaign) to small, independent schools.



Results matter and every organization has their own story that signifies their journey to success. Jill approaches her work holistically to ensure that her clients have the tools, skills, and resources required to achieve lasting success, scaling every project to each organization’s unique capacity.


We're in this together.


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